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Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist

Does someone in your household need to see an emergency dentist? Our staff at Olympic Dental and Denture can make room for you in our schedule when you contact us at 360-438-8299. Let us know a little bit about the nature of your dental emergency and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re seen by one of our dentists today. Same day emergency dentistry is just one of the many reasons to choose our clinic for your family’s dental care. You’ll find a complete list of services we provide on our website.

5 Reasons You May Need To See An Emergency Dentist

1. Are you experiencing tooth pain? A toothache is difficult to ignore, especially one that won’t go away after taking an over-the-counter medication or rinsing with warm salt water. When tooth pain becomes a problem, reach out to Olympic Dental and Denture for an immediate appointment or simply walk in to our office when you’re in the area and explain the issue to our front desk staff.

2. Have you suffered a dental injury that resulted in a broken or chipped tooth, a lost tooth, or a soft tissue injury due to a jagged tooth? You’ll need to see our emergency dentist right away to repair your teeth and prevent additional injuries. You may feel apprehensive or hesitant about being seen by a dentist for something as minute as a chipped tooth, however, without expert advice, a small chip could get worse over time and end up costing a considerable amount of money to fix.

3. A lost or broken denture, crown, bridge, or filling warrants an immediate trip to the emergency dentist. If your dentist is unable to see you today, we encourage you to call Olympic Dental and Denture. It’s essential that the item that was lost or broken is quickly replaced to keep teeth from shifting and prevent tooth decay, which can occur in a short amount of time.

4. An abscessed tooth will typically not get better on its own; we can prescribe antiobiotics when you visit our dental clinic in Lacey or Centralia. A tooth that is abscessed may be an indication that you need to see your dentist more often for regular checkups and cleanings. After completing the prescribed round of antibiotics, schedule an appointment to see our staff to keep teeth and gums healthy.

5. If you experience a swollen jaw or mouth, the best course of action is to have an emergency dentist rule out dental issues before you explore other options. In situations where pain is present along with the swelling, it’s a safe bet that an infected tooth could be the root cause.

Regardless of your symptoms, if you need to see our dentist for an urgent matter, we’re here for you. We warmly welcome walk-in patients, however, we recommend calling before you drive to our location to give our staff the opportunity to provide over-the-phone pain management advice. Contact Olympic Dental and Denture at 360-438-8299.

Emergency Dentist
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Emergency Dentist
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