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Inpatient Drug Rehab Newport Beach

Inpatient Drug Rehab Newport Beach

Newport Beach Recovery Center is a leading inpatient drug rehab in Newport Beach with hundreds of positive reviews, a seasoned clinical staff team, and proven treatments and therapies. Here is a list of benefits of attending inpatient addiction treatment:

  • Allows you to heal and recover in a secluded and safe environment

Perched in the suburbs of Newport Beach, our rehab offers a serene and calming environment for patients to focus on healing from their behavioral and mental health challenges. Our drug rehab in Newport Beach can provide you with a well-deserved break from your routine life and allow you to catch some fresh air. 

  • Offers an immersive healing experience

Our residential rehab in Orange County undoubtedly offers an immersive and wholesome healing experience. It engages you in back-to-back therapies and wellness programs, allowing you to attain emotional stability, an improved appreciation for life and learn better interpersonal and communication skills alongside sobriety.

  • Communal support

One of the exciting aspects of attending inpatient rehab is the friendships and bonds you will develop with people battling similar behavioral problems. You will gain access to a network of communal support, which will go a long way in strengthening your commitment to sobriety in the long term.

  • Highest success rates

Inpatient rehab treatment offers superior addiction treatment, care and resources compared to other recovery options. As patients engage in a series of psychotherapies and wellness programs, their chances of achieving a safe and speedy recovery increase. Inpatient treatment also has the lowest relapse rates as residential rehab programs focus on helping patients achieve comprehensive recovery from their behavioral and mental health disorders. The inpatient program also equips patients with critical coping mechanisms, empowering them with essential tools to secure long-lasting sobriety.

  • Reduces your risk of relapse

As one of the pioneer drug and alcohol rehab centers, our inpatient addiction treatment identifies and address the underlying triggers responsible for your harmful behavior. By doing so, we prevent the addiction disorder from resurfacing in the future and allow you to improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

  • Ensures comprehensive recovery from dual diagnosis disorders

Inpatient treatment is the most effective treatment option for those suffering from dual diagnosis disorders. The inpatient rehab allows you to focus on your overall health and wellness, meet people battling similar issues as you, and work together towards a common goal. Patients feel more inclined to break free from their destructive behaviors and maintain sobriety in the long term when they receive addiction treatment in a residential setup. The supportive staff, the immersive healing experience, the peer support, the nourishing meals, and the stress-free ambiance allow patients to embrace sobriety wholeheartedly, inspiring them to achieve improved emotional wellness.

Contact us at 866-541-6560 to join our inpatient drug rehab in Newport Beach. Newport Beach Recovery Center accepts most nsurances and offers exemplary addiction treatment and care in a high-end rehab facility. With a low staff-to-client ratio, we ensure personalized care and individual attention to each patient in recovery. Your road to recovery from addiction begins with us.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Newport Beach

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