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Naples Drug Rehab Center

The ideal Naples drug rehab center should provide you with the best rehabilitation treatment money can get. At St. John’s Recovery Place, we know that substance addiction is a complex disorder requiring a structured and carefully planned approach. We also know that finding a rehab facility that meets your needs and goals can be a stressful task.

Here are the factors that make a rehab desirable over others:

Structured approach

Our Florida addiction recovery centers ensure optimal care via several recovery phases. These include:

  • Clinical detoxification - Relying on targeted medication to address the withdrawal, minimize cravings, and prevent short-term relapse
  • Inpatient program – Intensive care in a supportive, luxurious, and safe environment. The program may last 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on your progress, response to treatment, and condition severity.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Our luxury rehab centers in Florida offer personalized dual diagnosis treatment to identify and address co-occurring disorders that may impact your recovery. These include PTSD, emotional trauma, aggressive anxiety disorder, depression, etc.
  • Alumni and aftercare – The Alumni program is part of the aftercare protocol, teaching patients how to adapt to a sober, balanced, and healthy lifestyle moving forward.
  • Recovery therapies and holistic modalities – We use an impressive number of advanced holistic therapies like art therapy, animal-assisted therapy, adventure therapy, etc., to promote physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation. Patients participate in group-based recreational activities to combat stress and enjoy natural levels of dopamine.

Comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment

All respectable alcohol treatment centers offer dual diagnosis treatment, which is key to ensuring lasting success with recovery and relapse prevention. Multiple modern studies have shown that the majority of addiction victims struggle with at least one undiagnosed mental disorder. This will eventually impact their ability to recover and remain sober, which is why addressing them during rehab is key to sustained sobriety over the years.

Our drug addiction rehab in Florida relies on psychotherapy, behavioral therapies, counseling sessions, pharmacotherapy, and other modalities to identify, address, and treat these issues. This will allow our patients to recover faster and remain sober for longer than ever before.

A solid relapse prevention plan

Ultimately, the rehab treatment’s success depends on having a reliable, long-lasting relapse prevention plan. The strategy should be a part of any major Florida drug treatment and offer customized training for long-lasting sobriety. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL offers patients extensive relapse prevention and sobriety management training.

During the program, patients will learn the essentials of healthy and balanced living, career tips, family advice, and numerous other recovery-specific services. This approach is essential to any respectable rehabilitation program, aiming to provide patients with reliable, long-lasting solutions to relapse.

Our Naples drug rehab center ranks among the industry's most effective and advanced facilities with leading rehabilitation programs, patient-oriented care, and unparalleled recovery services. St. John’s Recovery Place invites you to our premier facilities to address your addiction condition in a safe and supportive environment. Call 833-397-3422, verify your insurance, and come in for clinical evaluation, detox, and inpatient care today!

St Johns Recovery Place
(904) 990-1205
Naples Drug Rehab Center
1125 Summit St
Crescent City FL 32112

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