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Dental Appointment & Office Policies

Appointment and Office Policies

At Sarcee Dental Clinic, we are committed to ensuring that your dental appointment is as pleasant and predictable as possible. As such, we would like to give you an overview of our dental appointment and office policies. Please feel free to call us at (403) 260-6636 with any questions.

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Appointment Policies

  • As a courtesy, we send out hygiene reminder notices via phone call or email 3-4 weeks before your booked appointment.
  • We make confirmation calls or emails 2-5 days before any appointment. Although we make every effort to contact you before your appointment, please keep in mind that it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you will be at your appointment unless other arrangements have been made in advance with our office.
  • We ask for a minimum of two business days’ notice should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Insurance Coverage Policies

  • Due to the Canadian Personal Privacy Act (see our privacy policy), we are unable to access any specific information from your dental insurance company regarding your dental plan.
  • It is ultimately your responsibility to be aware of the details and parameters of your coverage, such as annual maximums, frequencies, renewal dates, and any other limitations.
  • We extend the option of direct billing (also called assignment) for your convenience. However, you must have a valid credit card, and your insurance company must accept this service.
  • Please be advised that we do require payment on the day of service (unless other arrangements have been made with our administrative team).
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If you have any questions about any of our dental appointment & office policies,
please do not hesitate to call us at (403) 260-6636, or email us at

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