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Calgary White Fillings

Your Choice for White Fillings in NW Calgary!

Most adults have cavities at some point in their life and will therefore require a filling. Let Sarcee Dental Clinic help! We are pleased to offer white fillings, a natural-looking and less conspicuous way to fill cavities than traditional silver amalgam fillings.

What are Fillings?

Dental fillings are special materials used to restore damaged or decayed teeth back to their normal function and shape. White fillings consist of a blend of plastic and glass, and other fillers that bond with the tooth’s surface. They’re invisible, which makes them blend easily with the rest of the undamaged teeth, and mimic many of the qualities of natural tooth structure, such as wear-resistance and translucency.

Are White Fillings Durable?

NW Calgary White fillings are durable and strong, lasting for about 7-10 years depending on how well you take care of your newly restored teeth.

White Dental Fillings | Sarcee Dental | NW Calgary | General and Family Dentist
White Fillings | Sarcee Dental | NW Calgary | General and Family Dentist

What are the Advantages of White Fillings?

  • Can be used to successfully treat even the smallest cavity
  • Same colour as your teeth so naturally looking
  • Mimic many of the qualities of natural tooth structure, such as wear-resistance and translucency
  • Affordable
  • This can usually be done in one appointment
  • Can help fix broken teeth
  • Strong and durable

What is the Process of getting a White Filling?

  1. Initial consultation to inspect teeth to decide if a filling is the best course of action.
  2. The procedure begins with administering a local anesthetic so that the area around the affected tooth becomes numb.
  3. The decayed or damaged tooth and its surrounding area are prepared for restoration; damaged parts of the tooth are removed and the area is cleaned to remove bacteria and debris.
  4. After the tooth is prepared, the white filling material is placed in thin layers to fill the hole in your tooth.
  5. A special curing light is used to set the white filling material, making it very hard and durable against normal biting forces.
  6. The tooth is shaped and polished for a smooth finish, ensuring that it bites together correctly against the opposing teeth.
  7. The filling will look completely natural and like part of your tooth, and it will restore tooth functionality very effectively.

Calgary White fillings may be the best solution to the smile you’ve been dreaming of! Let Sarcee Dental Clinic help you get there!

Call Sarcee Dental at (403) 260-6636 to set up a North Calgary White Fillings appointment today!

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