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Healthy teeth and gums are fundamental to good oral health and a beautiful smile! That is why the Sarcee Dental Clinic is dedicated to helping you maintain your gums and overall dental health. With regular dental hygiene & teeth cleanings in NW Calgary, appointments, and exams, we can help you achieve and maintain optimum oral health.

Why are Regular Dental Hygiene Appointments and Exams Important?

While routine home maintenance is an important part of overall oral health, it only focuses on areas of the tooth above the gum line. A professional cleaning will be able to not only clean your teeth above the gum line (known as scaling) but also below the gum line (known as root planning). Regular scaling and root planing procedures can remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria from those hard-to-reach areas below the gum line so we can keep your gums healthy from top to bottom!

Our Team at Sarcee Dental Clinic uses traditional hand scalers and ultrasonic tools to remove stubborn deposits of bacteria and tartar (also known as calculus). The ultimate goal of regular Calgary dental hygiene appointments is to prevent cavities, as well as gum disease, which is often pain-free but can ultimately result in premature tooth loss and lead to other health issues if left untreated.

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The Sarcee Dental Clinic Cleaning Process

The cleaning procedure usually takes between 30-60 minutes. It is a simple and painless process that includes the following:

  • A complete periodontal (gum health) assessment
  • Checking for any gum recession
  • Checking for the presence of gingivitis
  • Polishing your teeth to remove any surface stain
  • Removing plaque or tartar above and below the gum line
  • Fluoride treatment (if required) to help prevent cavities from forming and remineralize or strengthen areas of weak tooth enamel
  • An oral cancer screening and exam at least once a year to check the head, neck, and jaw areas for confirmation of health
  • An intra-oral exam to check the gum tissues, tongue, and lips for confirmation of health
  • Digital X-rays (when needed)

How often should you Visit Us for a Hygiene Visit?

Our team at Sarcee Dental Clinic understands that each patient will require a different hygiene schedule. While most patients come in for a dental appointment about every six months, some people benefit from coming in every 3-4 months, while others might only require a hygiene appointment every 9-12 months. Ultimately how often you see us for a hygiene visit depends on many factors, including such things as whether your teeth are susceptible to excess accumulation of plaque and calculus, how crowded your teeth are, whether or not you have missing teeth or fillings, and how your home oral health maintenance care is. Our Calgary dental team will be happy to discuss with you how often you should have a dental cleaning in North Calgary based on your specific needs.

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